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A history as long as the Cahaba.

You visit. And you feel a connection instantly. You’re drawn to the river. No, you’re drawn to something much deeper than that. Perhaps it’s Trussville Spring’s rich history. In pre-America, Muscogee Tribes first settled along the banks of the Cahaba River, the longest free flowing river in Alabama. They called it “Oka Aba” or “waters above.” They fished. They hunted. They lived.

In the early 1800’s a gentleman by the name of Warren Truss heard about the area’s fertile lands and abundant springs. He visited. And was instantly hooked. He built a gristmill and the village of Trussville flourished.

Trussville Springs honors its rich heritage with Arts and Crafts homes—a style that also has a rich American tradition. The architecture symbolizes a life of craftsmanship that’s in harmony with nature. You, however, might just love the homes for their clean lines, beautiful finishes and tremendous value.

And that’s just fine.

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